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Top 3 music

Olly Murs – Dear Darlin‘ Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me Taylor Swift – Love Story   Advertisements

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Marketing Analysis – KPI

Marketing Analysis Not all customers are equally profitable, nor do they all have the potential to become your most profitable customers – this is a fundamental tenet of CRM. This section hopes to help you identify your most profitable customers.  … Weiterlesen

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STRATO Webshops – Installationshilfe

 Wie installiere ich einen Webshop? STRATO Webshops Teil 1: Einrichtungsassistent Der Assistent startet automatisch, wenn Sie sich das erste Mal in den Administrationsbereich Ihres Shops einloggen. Erfahren Sie im Video-Tutorial, wie er Sie in sechs Schritten durch die grundlegenden Einstellungen … Weiterlesen

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Tynt Publisher Tools

Tynt Publisher Tools Tynt supports Web publishers with innovative twists on age old ideas — in this case, the age-old action of copy and paste. Each time someone copies content from a Website and pastes it into an email, blog … Weiterlesen

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Neue Trailer: Die Tribute von Panem 2 – Catching Fire

Die Tribute von Panem 2 – Catching Fire         Kinostart: 21.11.2013 DER HOBBIT Trailer  

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Business Videos: How to set SMART goals?

How to set SMART Goals? What is Strategic Planning, Really? SWOT Analysis: How to perform one for your organization The Secret to Strategic Implementation How to Develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) How to set SMART Goals Strategic Planning with the … Weiterlesen

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Social Media Erfolgsmessung: KPI Pyramide

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